2 new projects that use Happstack


Simon Michael announced recently that his double-entry accounting tool hledger is now using Happstack. A demo is running at http://hledger.org.

Happstack Auth Module

MightyByte has released an experimental authorization module for Happstack. The git repository is located at http://github.com/mightybyte/happstack-auth/tree/master. It is based on the principles outlined in Thomas Ptacek’s excellent article on secure password schemes.


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Happstack-powered Website launched by Gregory David Collins

Gregory David Collins, bootstrapped partially by Happstack-Tutorial, has launched his new personal website which is completely (well mostly) powered by Happstack. The site has some builtin blog functionality — is this the beginning of a Happstack-powered blog? The sky is the limit!

View his maiden blogpost at: http://gregorycollins.net/posts/2009/03/28/building-a-website-part-1

If your interested in the code, see his public git repository: http://github.com/gregorycollins/homepage/tree/v0.1

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Jeremy Shaw creates first Facebook App with Happstack

Math IQ is a simple quiz you can torture all your math-challenged friends with. Hooray for progress on the Haskell web front! It is a small but landmark victory.


Check it out at: http://apps.facebook.com/mathiqquiz


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Happstack 0.2 Released

It has been one whole month in the making and Happstack 0.2 is finally here — a  lot of love has gone into this release!

Get up and running easily with cabal install

A lot of thought has gone into making Happstack more approachable for the newbie. Assuming you have cabal-install up and running and either ghc 6.8.3 or 6.10.1, you can just:

cabal update && cabal install happstack
happstack new project myproject
cd myproject
# linux
sh bin/run.sh
# windows

Open up your browser to and enjoy a neat guestbook example application you can play with! (Much thanks to Jeremy Shaw for help with this)

What else is new?

  • Generalization of the SimpleHTTP library to ease the pain of wrapping and unwrapping WebPartT’s and ServerPartT’s (Thanks to Daniel Rogers)
  • New experimental gzip filter in happstack-server (similar to apache mod_deflate)
  • Cookie fix from happstack-helpers was integrated
  • HSP & HStringTemplate integration (see the examples in the guestbook app)
  • New combined logging format for Happstack.Server.SimpleHTTP

See the CHANGELOG for details


The documentation for toplevel functions has been expanded greatly, much of this work being done by none other than Creighton Hogg. A fresh new version of happstack-tutorial will also be released soon which has details on Multimaster Replication.

Detailed Happstack 0.2 Release Notes have been created which explain how you can port your existing HAppS 0.9 or Happstack 0.1 application. Beyond that there is alot of other very useful information inside. Take a look!

Andrea Vezzosi (Saizan) has created Haddocks for Happstack 0.2.


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Happstack now outputs Apache Combined Logs

SimpleHTTP now outputs apache combined logs by default. The idea behind this is that you can now use a tool like AWstats without much fuss. To take advantage of this, you simply need to turn on NOTICE level logging for Happstack.Server using hslogger.

Here is an example of the output.

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Momentum builds as we approach Happstack 0.2

The project contributors (yours truly included) have been busily hacking away at the Happstack codebase. These are some of the features you can look forward too:

  • Much more complete Haddock docs (will be posted on website)
  • By taking advantage of typeclasses, manipulating ServerPartT’s and WebT’s has become much easier inside a do-block
  • A code generation tool and example application to get you started quickly (inspired by the rails command)

Happstack 0.2 will be released on Wednesday, March 4th 2009.

Thats all for now!

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SOCALFP Presentation Slides: “Happstack is better than X”

The SOCALFP presentation was a fun! Thank you to all who participated. The rough outline of the talk goes something like:

  • History of HAppS & happstutorial
  • Happstack announcement
  • Patch-Tag partnership announcement
  • Crash course in HAppS/Happstack
  • Comparative analysis of Happstack vs Rails
  • Job outlook of Haskell community in general

The slides are here. The videos are here. There are also pictures here.


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