SOCALFP Presentation Slides: “Happstack is better than X”

The SOCALFP presentation was a fun! Thank you to all who participated. The rough outline of the talk goes something like:

  • History of HAppS & happstutorial
  • Happstack announcement
  • Patch-Tag partnership announcement
  • Crash course in HAppS/Happstack
  • Comparative analysis of Happstack vs Rails
  • Job outlook of Haskell community in general

The slides are here. The videos are here. There are also pictures here.



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2 responses to “SOCALFP Presentation Slides: “Happstack is better than X”

  1. Gour


    Nice videos & slides ==> nice presentation 😉

    One more comment: I’d be more happy to see comparing Happstack with Django/Python than RoR which seems as bigger competitor than PHP & Ruby.


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