Jeremy Shaw creates first Facebook App with Happstack

Math IQ is a simple quiz you can torture all your math-challenged friends with. Hooray for progress on the Haskell web front! It is a small but landmark victory.


Check it out at:



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8 responses to “Jeremy Shaw creates first Facebook App with Happstack

  1. FYI, the facebook platform has been very unstable since the recent update. So if you get timeouts or other wackiness, it is almost certainly facebook’s fault. Probably because they used PHP instead of Haskell 😉

    • Sasha Rush

      congrats! as a haskell coder who works at facebook this is awesome to see. maybe when happstack hits 1.0 we can switch over.

  2. dons00

    Well done stepcut. This is indeed a milestone for Haskell web dev.

  3. Looks like FB is doing the buggy thing, because i’m getting a blank content area on that url. =(

  4. Craig T. Nelson

    Is the code somewhere public? I’m sure I’m not the only curious facebooking haskeller.

  5. thomashartman1

    This is awesome!

  6. Craig T. Nelson

    Any plans for a facebook-api package on Hackage?

  7. The haskell-facebook api is here:

    It is complete alpha quality right now, undocumented, missing features, and likely to change. But, useful none-the-less.